LAPT Retrospective (1957 - 2020)

Event that brought together works made by teachers of the High School of Fine Arts in Timişoara, made in collaboration with the Timiș County School Inspectorate.
The exhibition included works from the patrimony of the Timișoara Art Museum, works of the predecessors of the Banat artistic movement, of the teachers from the School of Fine Arts from Cluj, which in 1933 was moved to Timișoara and was the basis of the current High School of Fine Arts from Timișoara : Catul Bogdan, Aurel Ciupe, Romul Ladea, Ioachim Miloia, Julius Podlipny, Alexandru Popp, Albert Varga. In addition, the works of the teachers of the Timișoara High School of Fine Arts from the 70s to the present could be admired.