Expozitii permanente




European Art

In the 6 rooms of the European Art Gallery are exhibited chronologically, works from the XV-XVIII centuries, creations of well-known or anonymous artists, which illustrate the stylistic determinants of the eras (Renaissance, Mannerism, Baroque, Rococo) and Italian, German and Austrian, Flemish and Dutch.




Old Banat Paintings

Icoane bănățene

Banat Icons


Romanian Modern Art


Corneliu Baba


Decorative Art

Temporary exhibitions


Resurrected Matter

26 Jan – 2 Feb | Adults – $5 | Students – Free

The exhibition presents some of the most prominent trends that have shaped the artistic climate in Europe…

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Picture Mill

26 Jan – 2 Feb | Adults – $5 | Students – Free

Born in Timișoara, in 1945, Salzberger is a painter, scenographer and plastic artist. He graduated from the School of Music and Fine Arts in Timișoara…

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LAPT retrospective

26 Jan – 2 Feb | Adults – $5 | Students – Free

Event that brought together works made by artists teachers of the High School of Fine Arts in Timisoara, made in collaboration with the School Inspectorate…

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Otto Dix

26 Jan – 2 Feb | Adults – $5 | Students – Free

Otto Dix was one of the famous German plastic artists of the 20th century, and the lithographs exhibited at the Art Museum in…

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