Timisoara National Art Museum

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Visiting Hours
zilnic: 10:00 – 18:00
(last entrance at 5:30pm)
1, Unirii Square
Timșoara, 300085
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Tickets can be bought from
the Timișoara National Museum of Art ticket cashier

Entrance fee:20 lei / ticket (adults, temporary and permanent exhibitions)
Guide fee:20 lei / group (max. 25 people, temporary and permanent exhibitions)

Pupils, students, retirees, UAP members, people with disabilities and their companions, as well as ICOM cardholders have gratuitousness.

About us

History of Baroque Palace

Muzeul Național de Artă Timișoara, o instituție de referință pentru viața culturală, care deține comori artistice locale, naționale și universale, își desfășoară activitatea într-una dintre cele mai frumoase clădiri din Piața Unirii, Palatul Baroc.

We welcome our visitors with six permanent exhibitions

In 1716, after the victory over the Turks at Petrovaradin (today Novi-Sad), Prince Eugene of Savoy (1663-1736), one of the brilliant military commanders of the House of Habsburg, decided to conquer the city of Timișoara and its neighboring region which, for 164 years, it was part of the Ottoman Empire. The decision was motivated by the strategic position of the city…

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1+1+1 & SIGMA

The long-awaited 1 + 1 + 1 and SIGMA exhibition is possible as a result of the inventory of all the museum's heritage objects and the restoration of some of them. It is also the result of a long research, selection and organization activity, in which all the staff of the institution took part. It presents dozens of works created by the artists of the two famous groups, 1 + 1 + 1 and SIGMA.

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Artă europeană

Art performance since 1974

European Art

In the 6 rooms of the European Art Gallery are exhibited chronologically, works from the XV-XVIII centuries, creations of well-known or anonymous artists, which illustrate the stylistic determinants of the eras (Renaissance, Mannerism, Baroque, Rococo) and Italian, German and Austrian, Flemish and Dutch.

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Permanent exhibitions

Expozitia - Pictură veche bănățeană

Old Banat Paintings

Icoane bănățene

Banat Icons


Romanian Modern Art


Corneliu Baba


Decorative Art

Temporary exhibitions


Resurrected Matter

26 Jan – 2 Feb | Adults – $5 | Students – Free

The exhibition presents some of the most prominent trends that have shaped the artistic climate in Europe…

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Picture Mill

26 Jan – 2 Feb | Adults – $5 | Students – Free

Born in Timișoara, in 1945, Salzberger is a painter, scenographer and plastic artist. He graduated from the School of Music and Fine Arts in Timișoara…

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LAPT retrospective

26 Jan – 2 Feb | Adults – $5 | Students – Free

Event that brought together works made by artists teachers of the High School of Fine Arts in Timisoara, made in collaboration with the School Inspectorate…

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Otto Dix

26 Jan – 2 Feb | Adults – $5 | Students – Free

Otto Dix was one of the famous German plastic artists of the 20th century, and the lithographs exhibited at the Art Museum in…

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The Art Museum of Timișoara hosts a valuable collection of works of art, including those of notable artists from the west of the country. Many exhibits are by my favorite painter: Corneliu Baba. I was happy to see his collection, which promoted Romanian art in China.

EStera Kertesz
Excellent! An elegant experience! Recommended!

Melania luca
Reference works for our history! I highly recommend!

Aurelia popescu
For the interdisciplinarity studies promoted with a chosen professional outfit in spreading the image of the city of Timișoara as a metropolis of the European civilization and tradition of Banat.

miodrag milin